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4 thoughts on “Posting by Category

  1. Hi, I guess you are still here, are you? I’m a writer who stumbled into the Johnston Island black hole about two years ago, and only found your blog today. Loved the “boiled birds” and “blind bunnies” bit. Am an old cold warrior ( GMT2: AFSWP, Lake Mead Base 1958-62. A therapist told me that a writing project about plutonium casualties at my age would be dangerous. I think she was right. Mike Kirby

    • Why don’t you write one for us, Mike? Yes, I am here. My ionizing radiation exposure came from the Nevada Test Site, however. My time on Johnston Atoll was interesting. The plutonium cleanup process on the island was also interesting. Of course we also loved our Agent Orange, GB, VX and Mustard. It was a jumping little assignment.

  2. Hey Mike, you write it and those of us who lived that legacy might share a comment or two in support of your right to share without dare.

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