About the Cold War Warrior

I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strangely, I am ungrateful to these teachers.

Kahlil Gibran

This Blog is about the learning. It is also about the men and women from all the cold wars who worked so hard for something they believed in and played so hard they forgot the pain. They were the Cold War Warriors. They lived at missile sites, on nuclear subs, sat on little and not so little islands that were either too hot or too cold but always isolated. They were the doers and the watchers. Oh, by the way, they still are.

18 thoughts on “About the Cold War Warrior

  1. Absolutely spellbinding and thought provoking…..rocks us right out of our complacency, where we should not have been to begin with.

  2. Thanks for the insights. I’m a second generation cold warrior, being born to a military missileer who then transferred to civilian space. I started in crypto in the Army and got involved in the civilian space industry for a while. Many of my classmates, military and civilian, were career cold warriors. It takes a special breed and I sincerely appreciate your insights and historical perspective.

    • Thanks, Mike! I would love to talk to some missileers or obtain copies of their writings. Policy drives programs but individuals make them work. My Dad worked across Montana on the construction of Minuteman Missile sites and I used to fly the route with him from time-to-time. It was great. Thank you for your service, Solidus

      • Likewise.
        I’ve got a lot of photos that were publicity/archival of some of the launch systems, misc. hardware, etc. I’ve even got a 4+ foot model of a Titan II. (I was the executor of my parents estate and nobody was interested in the missile momentos.)

        If you’re interested I’d email you a copy as I scan some of these photos.

        PS Most of the photos were from our time @ Vandenberg & JPL.

          • Thank you for the offer. I appreciate it.

            Let me ponder the idea. (I’m in a crunch @ work and will likely be up for air in about 10 weeks or so.)

  3. Yes they are the true warriors and deserve better than what they have got from the criminals in our government. Thank God their love of country is strong for they should have fainted long ago from the weight of criminal activity they had to bear due to the public’s lack of concern. We need their help now more than ever they need to know the truth about what the real problem is and it is treason and the overtaking of this country, the freedoms they fight to defend are being usurped while they are defending our principles. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion/2013/10/here-is-the-skinny-on-what-is-actually-going-on-in-america-we-must-insist-upon-arrests-now-2446576.html

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