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Cracks of sky color erupt through the dark night skies as Americans wake to the rustling

Syed Rizwan Farook

Syed Rizwan Farook

taffeta of the long con following the December 2, 2015, killings in San Bernadino, California. Word grenades chastising Republican candidates offering prayers to the victims’ and their families launch from newsprint, the endless battle over gun control at high volume is unabated, the Council on American-Islamic Relations marches out the suspects’ shell-shocked relatives, and countless talking heads posit expert knowledge on everything from id soup to terrorist nuts. American leaders, it seems, are writhing in agony as they search for a reason to say it is America’s fault this obscene massacre occurred. Only the police and FBI appear to be laser-focused on the madness’ method as they follow the breadcrumbs the perpetrators dropped while disarming suspected explosive devices left to obliterate the path.

As hearts break for the victims and their families and all those at that center, and its neighborhood, frog-marched through the trauma in San Bernadino, a neighbor of the two suspects is beset by guilt. She suspected something wicked was afoot and was caught in the suicidal clutches of political correctness. She could not separate herself from the ‘Gladys Kravitz’ nosy neighbor who calls police when a mother lets her child wander 120 feet from her; a sad commentary on the confusion between communicating information and extreme state nannyism.

How could Syed Farook, a fully-employed, middle-class, American citizen, perpetrate such treachery against colleagues who recently honored him with a baby shower? Syed Farook and his Saudi bride, Tashfeen Malik, are reported to have been devoted Muslims, the religion of peace. As the authorities conduct their investigation, it is time to review the concept of Taqiyya.

Taqiyya is foreign to most of Western Culture except for undercover officers, spies, politicians, and statesmen. Ingrained in most of us is a concept of honor and integrity based on a value or belief system that saw people as mostly good and encouraged trust. Muslim extremists, on the other hand, are taught that only Muslims, of their sect or tribe, are okay. Everyone else is expendable; their lives and property forfeit. To that end are two very foreign concepts to most in Western culture (except for politicians, of course): 1. Taqiyya, which is religious dissimulation-lying; and 2. War is forever.

First published in January 2015, The Endless War of Taqiyya explores the evolution and uses of Taqiyya. As the United States walks through the upcoming days, perhaps it will quit its efforts to self-flagellate and rip itself apart like a discordant machine and honestly address the intellectual and philosophical issues of how a republic born of Western values coexists with Political Islam, a theocracy based on Sharia Law. The reality that Syed Farook teamed with a woman (his wife), Tashfeen Malik, to massacre co-workers is a sea change. Women within Political Islam are assuming new roles.