What Happened, Harry?

“[we are] going to continue to fight communism. Now I am going to tell you how we are not going to fight communism. We are not going to transform our fine FBI into a Gestapo secret police. That is what some people would like to do. We are not going to try to control what our people read and say and think. We are not going to turn the United States into a right-wing totalitarian country in order to deal with a left-wing totalitarian threat.” ― Harry S. Truman

It’s been a short 66 years since you made this statement and it has all come undone. Remember

Harry S Truman 33rd President of the United States In office  April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953

Harry S Truman
33rd President of the United States
In office
April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953

those folks you mentioned that would like to do the things you said were not going to happen? Well, they outwaited, outlived, and out plotted you. Right now those people are changing our country so quickly it is making my head spin. Harry, I respectfully disagree with you that there is any big difference between a right or left-wing totalitarian country. Our little Republic is disintegrating rapidly into totalitarianism.

You had your hands full when they threw the presidency at you after FDR died. You were dealing with the end of WWII and you were right on about not trusting old man Stalin. You decided the best way to deal with the Soviet Union was the Cold War and containment. You were a firm leader when the country needed one. You accepted responsibility and were accountable for your actions. Above all, you were a man of action. I respect and admire you for that.

Harry, the problem was that once the horse was out of the gate and you no longer controlled the jockey, there is no way you could be responsible or accountable for the decisions you made. At that point, you were out of control and, for a control freak, it is the worst thing that can happen. You would be shocked to witness the legacy of your actions. Hell, Harry, I am shocked at the changes that have occurred during the past ten years.

You’d be pleased, I think, at the progress that has been made to reduce the number of drunks driving cars. It’s gone way over the edge lately, though. A great little gadget was invented to determine how drunk a person is; a breathalyzer. Now the police set up random roadblocks and stop everyone. If the police think you’re drunk you have to breathe into this breathalyzer gadget. It’s easier, you see, if they just stop everyone and guess if you have been drinking. It beats the reasonable cause thing hands-down. Did you know that if you refuse to breath into their tube, in Texas, they will force you out of your car, strap you to a gurney and take your blood; like it or not? Ten years ago, Harry, I’d have laughed at the person who told me such a tale. That wouldn’t happen. Not in the USA!

I think this one will floor you, Harry. In 1971, President Nixon, you remember him, right? Yes, he became president but had to resign. President Nixon took your Cold War idea and tried to apply it to illegal drugs. He called it a Drug War.  So far, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, the U.S. has spent over $1 trillion without much affect. In 1980 about 50,000 people were in prison for drugs. Today, over 500,000 people are in prison for drugs.[1] It is indeed sad is that for all the dollars spent, lives lost, and people imprisoned, the Drug War has not made any difference; drugs are more available than ever.

What is even more shocking is that people accused, not convicted, of drug crimes have their property seized. Can you imagine? According to Scott Ehlers, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Drug Policy Foundation, “In 1978 and throughout the 1980s, Congress passed a number of “anti-drug” laws that expanded the government’s power to seize and forfeit property.”[2] Now the federal government has expanded the forfeiture laws so that they encompass many ‘crimes’. The state, it seems, found itself an easy way to steal people’s money and ‘stuff’. We have friends who allowed their granddaughter and her husband to live with them on their little five-acre property in Arizona. The young couple was arrested on drug charges, DEA busted in their door and rummaged through the house (no search warrant). They found drugs in the kids’ room. The government confiscated everything those two lovely grandparents had worked for their entire lives. Now their house is used to train officers of all stripes how to assault a property.

Harry, I hate to tell you but that is not even the worst of it. Remember that bunch of talented people that used to listen in on foreigners’ conversations and break codes? On November 4, 1952, your Secretary of Defense proudly named the National Security Agency, NSA, and appointed its first director.[3] Through the years, the American people have been told over and over that the ears and data nets were pointed outward to protect the country. Not so since 2001. The abuses were turned inward and they are into everything, telephone conversations, Internet communications and data grabbing. They have so much data they just opened a 1 million square foot facility close to Bluffdale, Utah armed with supercomputers that cover 100,000 square feet to process it. When the citizens complain, the federal government assures us that they just collect and won’t ‘read’ or ‘listen’ unless they have a ‘good’ reason to do so. Would you believe them, Harry?

So what happened in 2001 to change things so radically? Some terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia, flew planes into the World Trade Center Towers in New York and into the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. It was terrible and the whole country was in shock and mourning. Suddenly, the federal government was in a War on Terror and the U.S. ended up attacking Iraq and Afghanistan. No, Harry, we never did a thing to Saudi Arabia. Somehow, they decided to use the War on Terror to take American citizens’ rights away so we could all be safe. They forced a bunch of agencies-Border Patrol, Customs, the Coast guard, FEMA, et cetera- to consolidate. They called the new department, Homeland Security. Homeland Security invented some new agencies like the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, for airports so about 300,000 people now work at Homeland Security. Can you believe that? The name is hauntingly familiar because it comes straight out of Nazi Germany. It does not make sense but that is what happened.

What has happened to your ‘fine FBI’, Harry? You said they would not become the Gestapo but they are. Back in the early 1990s, they killed a bunch of people in a religious compound in Waco,

Texas[4] and shot a guy’s wife and child in Ruby Ridge, Idaho[5] after they had entrapped him. More recently, the FBI can’t seem to locate real terrorists so they harass local militias and entrap

The Spokesman Review Spokane, Washington Ruby Ridge, Idaho

The Spokesman Review
Spokane, Washington
Ruby Ridge, Idaho

stupid teenagers by convincing them they are great terrorists. The FBI even has to give them the bomb-making material. The FBI is far from being alone, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, ATF. Well, under the direction of the Attorney General, AG, of the United States, they ran a sting operation, Fast and Furious, which so far has killed a U.S. Border Patrol officer and a Mexican police chief. The ATF forced gun shops to sell marked weapons to known drug types. Can you believe the AG believed this sting would prove Americans were the cause of Mexican drug cartel violence?[6]  So far, all they have proved is the AG’s office is filled with criminals. Harry, if the FBI and the AG have to provide the encouragement and the means to do harm, do you really think the citizens are to blame or is it the federal government?

Harry, if you recall we were all taught that policemen were there to protect us and they were our friends. I do think many would agree with that assessment any more. Recently, Homeland Security

Modern Police with Federal Toys To protect and serve?

Modern Police with Federal Toys
To protect and serve?

has outfitted and trained local police departments all over the country. The police are more like the military than the police. They all have license plate readers. They just read plates so they know where you are at any given time. Natural News’ Mike Adams wrote a great article giving the background and consequences  “Right now, cops are exhibiting thuggish, out-of-control “mafia” behavior as they run loose across America, terrorizing innocent citizens, shooting up the vehicles of people who are merely driving cars on public roadways, taking warrantless blood draws from drivers, shooting pet dogs of people who are merely filming police, raiding farmers at gunpoint over raw milk and terrorizing young women for buying bottled water and cookie dough.”[7]

I could keep going, but this is enough to give you the idea. I think I would have liked you, Harry S Truman.  You believed completely in what you were doing. I probably would not have agreed with you, but I would have respected you. With 20-20 hindsight, the massive policy overhauls you completed in your administration have led us to this place in time. Did you know that a whole bunch of our fellow citizens signed a petition to eliminate The Constitution’s Bill of Rights? Yes, it is true. Fortunately it was a ruse to see if folks would even question the action.[8] If the polls are to be believed, most people in our country believe The Constitution should be rewritten.[9] Those, such as veterans, who support The Constitution and believe that good laws are enacted to protect natural rights are on the Department of Homeland Security’s watch list of potential terrorists.[10] Harry, your path of good intentions has led us straight to hell.

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